Testimonials from Coaching and Training

Kaitlyn – Waterlily Studios

Evelyn Weiss – The Conversion Blueprint

Claire and I worked together in the R&D department of a multinational chemical company developing new coatings for the consumer market. Claire was tasked with driving and global innovation project aimed at reducing quality defects during the transport phase. This issue generated unnecessary economic losses and added complexity to the supply chain. 

Claire took a very pragmatic and structured approach to solve the problem. From organizing tasks with an agile mindset to creating a stakeholder management structure that was very effective at keeping all the relevant parties up to speed without drowning in information. This is particularly critical in a technical field, where the amount of technical details is high. 

The project had been attempted before without success but Claire drove it to the end, where the recommendation was adopted by senior managers and implemented with success.

Eduard Eduard. Consultant, Bain & Company

A new programme was being established, providing greenfield opportunity to scope CX enhancements which we wanted for our European Sites. Claire took the lead to research, identify, size, prioritise and socialise her proposals across European senior leadership and ultimately created the CX roadmap for the programme.  She then went on to drive the delivery of multiple features for the team.

 We had been trying to identify what we wanted to work on as a team, however, it had been very piecemeal, not structured, and not customer focussed.

 Claire brought insight, creativity and customer obsession to the team.  Her ideas/concepts were always grounded in thoroughly tested logic, and she was dedicated to feature delivery.  She balanced this incredibly well with her ability to be creative and consider the next opportunity to go after – and provide a well-needed challenge to the team!   

 When we undertook the first review of features with EU leadership, our discussion did not focus on whether the features were the right one, they focussed on how we should improve the way the programme prioritised as a team.  This to me showed straight away leadership were bought into the fact the features were the right one!

 Once the programme was running, Claire took full autonomy to drive on-going delivery.  She’d earnt my trust so I was very comfortable with this on-going approach.

Sophie Sophie: Senior Manager, Amazon

I love how enthusiastic Claire is and how in detail she explains everything. I find particularly useful the workbooks and the real-life advice from her personal background. I will definitely continue to follow her online and keep up with her resources and workshops.

Miriam Developer and Language Specialist

I now know how I can focus my efforts with machine learning. I have learned how important it is to keep it simple and I love the framework. I can’t wait to apply it to my projects

Anthony Software Engineer

I can see now how my background is valuable. The Personal perspectives and experiences of the host with advice are really applicable to real-life projects

Thays Developer and marketer