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How to use your systems to build resilience in your business

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Date Published: June 2, 2020
By: Claire

We already know what happened with all those new decade 2020 plans we had. But that doesn’t mean we should give up.

How can go back to the roots and start growing again better and stronger? 

In today’s episode, Claire talks about her own experience with COVID-19 and how the crisis can also be a source of opportunity. She goes through the process of re-thinking and rebuilding her business to find the best way to communicate what we are best at.

Listen to find out:

  • How to find what makes us and our business special. What is the essence of our business.
  • Why is important to start from there to build our business.
  • What we can think about to help us grow fast and organically.
  • How to keep motivated
  • And how we can think all this process like a tree to build a solid business, with strong roots, long life, and fruits to share.

Listen to the episode to find out more!

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COVID-19 has been a shock to the system for us all. Those new decade 2020 plans feel like a distant memory. But that doesn’t mean we should give up. There are opportunities in times of crisis that allow us to get back to basics and build stronger businesses. Businesses that are ready for anything, and resilient to the knocks. In this, the first episode of season two of the innovation and business podcast, I’m talking about building resilience in your business, so you can thrive through any season. 

My name is Claire, and over the last nine years I’ve worked in innovation teams across industries, including research, manufacturing, retail and technology. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly when it comes to innovating on behalf of customers. And now I, alongside my esteemed guests, are sharing these learnings with you to help you avoid the mistakes and capitalize on the learnings so you can build resilient systems that grow your business through innovation and good process management. I’m hope you’re as excited as me for the first episode in season two. And if you’re ready, I’m ready and let’s dive on in. 

So in today’s episode, I want to do something a little bit different. And I’m going to try my hand out a metaphor. So bear with me a little bit. I hope you can follow along easily with what I’m saying. And that it makes sense, but we’re going to talk about trees. Think about your business like a tree. 

Okay, honestly, I did say bear with me, so don’t just sign off now because we’re talking about trees. 

When you’re thinking about what makes a tree strong, the first and most important thing is your roots. What are you best at? Where do you add value? When COVID-19 hit I had to really go deep into my soul. And think about where I added the most value to my clients and to other business owners. And what I came up with, -after a long, long few weeks of thinking when the lockdown first head- was process. I am really good at setting up processes. In fact, I love setting up processes, those systems that other business owners find complicated or frustrating, difficult to set up and a little bit boring. That’s where I truly thrive. It’s what’s allowed me to be successful throughout my career. And it’s allowed me to kind of work across different industries because I’m always able to set up a system that allows me to do my job with the minimal amount of effort. 

Basically, I’m super lazy. But what is your specialist skill? What does your business do better than anyone else, and how can you communicate that? When I was going through the process of realizing that I was good at processes, I had to think long and hard about how I would communicate this to people and how I would make them understand. And that’s where I came up with my new program, the drive formula. 

The drive formula is a five step process that helps you design and implement systems that scale in your business. So you can stop worrying about the small stuff and focus on the things that you truly love, like working with clients and growing your revenue. I know I’ve talked a lot about me, but I really want to encourage you to do the same in your business. Think about what makes you special, I know there’s something. Think about how you can talk about that in a way that’s going to make it easier for your clients. This is the seed of your business. This is what’s going to start that tree growing, and is the most important part that you’ll always go back to.

Next, we want to think about creating strong roots. This is how you build a tribe and connect with your customers. You want to connect with people that truly believe in what you do. And know that what you’re doing is really adding value. So, in the dry formula, the way that we do this is by thinking about our metrics. So what are we trying to achieve? How are we adding value to the community? And how can we do that better? One thing that I think is super important is what gets measured gets done. And if you’re able to measure the impact, you can have more impact. If you’re able to understand where you add the most value, and what that looks like for your customers. You can grow a more value with your business. You can create stronger connections, you can talk to what people need and want most from your business. And you can really think about how to build a strong foundation of clients and customers who love what you do and can’t wait to work with you whenever you’re available.

Now that we’ve kind of got a seed and we’ve started to grow some roots, I want you to think about how you’re growing. Don’t waste your energy. Don’t spend time doing things that aren’t adding value in your business. Especially now, as you’re thinking about how you can be more resilient. You want to think about doing the least by getting the most. This could look like looking at your cost structure, making sure that you’re using automation. Thinking about how you can create seamless onboarding, process flows and workflows for your clients that help them to feel secure in what you’re doing. But don’t take up all of your energy. To do this, I want you to think about some of the Lean Six Sigma principles, when you’re looking at how you can grow your business and scale. 

Think about:

  • What it is you’re trying to achieve
  • What metrics show you that you can achieve this 
  • How you’re going to create flow
  • How are you going to pull people through your systems and pull your clients through your systems in a way that makes them want to become lifetime customers of yours, so you’re not having to constantly go out and find new leads. 

Once you’ve got that in place, think about:

  • What that workflow looks like for them. 
  • Where can you add value?
  • Where can you have little things that just delight them and it surprised them? 

And don’t stop there. Once you’ve got your workflow and your process designed, make sure that you continue to look at it on a regular basis, so that you’re always improving and always getting better.

As you grow, you might start to sprout some leaves on your tree. These leaves are the beginning of your decorations. And they are the things that people will start to see and show that you’re meeting the springtime in the summertime of your business and that things are starting to go well. These are the things that get your team super excited. Make sure that you’re empowering the people that you work with, make them feel valued. Make sure that your team know how much you appreciate them. And so they are happy to go out there as leaves advertising your business. 

They can collect the oxygen that will fire up your business and help you grow your client base more than you ever dreamed of. And if your team are excited about working with you, your clients are going to feel that and they’re going to be excited to work with you too. Finally, I wanted to just talk a little bit on this tree metaphor about getting the fruits. Don’t forget to celebrate your successes. I know right now things are super tough. Believe me, I know. When the lockdown hit, I lost a few of the clients that had worked so hard to get. And I was devastated. But I had to take a step back and think about what are the good things, I’m healthy, my family are healthy, I am still able to work with clients, I am still able to keep my business going. And even though it’s not achieving right now, the goals that I had in mind when I first started, I’m still seeing fruits. I’m still getting those messages from people that say how much I’ve helped them. And those messages really make my day. I know now that you too can get them. Maybe this year isn’t going as well as you hoped. Maybe it’s going better. I know a lot of businesses who have been able to help people through this crisis, and are having a great year. But whatever your business is feeling right now, don’t forget to be thankful. And to really celebrate any of the small successes that you have. You’re doing an incredible thing, building a business. And it’s not easy. There’s a reason as my business coach says, there’s a reason why not everyone has their own business. It’s bloody hard work. But with the right systems and processes in place, and the right attitude that celebrates successes, empowers the team, doesn’t waste their time on things that don’t add value, and build strong connections with their customers. You know that you’re going to be successful and with those things in place, you can weather any storm, your tree will stay strong, and your business will stay strong. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this first episode in season two. Remember, strong roots build strong businesses, get your system set up to support you and you will reap the rewards and the fruits of your labours.

That’s it for today’s episode of the innovation in business podcast. Tune in next Tuesday for your weekly top up of inspiring innovation stories and techniques to scale your business. Next week we’ll be discussing how to audit your business for digital transformation. 

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