What if you could stop chasing clients and instead, grow & nurture a digital agency that gives you freedom in your schedule...

Get set up with profitable services that are easy to deliver & delegate so you can scale with ease

Relax with retainers
What you've tried

You know you’re great at what you do but for some reason, you’re just not gaining the traction your business deserves…

You’ve built the business up from the ground and you’ve got a steady stream of clients coming in but around you, it feels like everyone else is able to grow faster.

Now you’re getting frustrated because despite your best efforts things still keep falling through the cracks.

You’re tired of…

Spending hours chasing down contracts, invoices and setting up appointments

Stuck putting out fires in all departments, always finding yourself burried in the day to day

Worrying that your best people might leave you, or your biggest client will move on – then what will you do?

You want to deliver a premium experience for your clients to stand out in the market but there never seems to be enough time

You started this business expecting to serve people and have more chance to be creative but instead you’re:

– Working late into the night
– Missing family events
– Feeling completely exhausted all the time

You know your business can do more, you know you’re ready to go beyond 6-figures.

It’s time to start setting up the structure so you can scale with more freedom.

Start building momentum to hit 7-figures with more whitespace in your calendar to work on the business instead of always in it

You know what you need to do to make your business goals a reality

We will work with you to put in place a structure that not only helps you scale rapidly but that people will actually stick with.

Starting by mapping out your customer journey end-to-end, we will apply techniques including:

  • Lean methodologies
  • Design Thinking
  • Workflow Mapping Optimisation

Ultimately creating a simple, repeatable framework for system development you can use across your business to maximise efficiency and profitability.


The plan will be tailored to your needs however, examples of what we can work on include:

ongoing support includes

To Summarise What’s Included:

Bi-weekly consulting sessions: Strategy sessions devoted to your business to set goals, track progress, discuss ideas for streamlining processes and improving productivity. 

Customer Journey Optimisation: Develop optimised workflows to deliver premium client experiences for each of your offers. Build out systems to increase customer satisfaction, retention & lifetime value.

SOP Development & Team Training: Create a complete set of documentation for your processes. When process updates are proposed, we will create training materials and SOPs to help your team implement them.

Project Management & system set up: Work within your system to manage task assignments with support to ensure you are able to stay on top of priorities and deadlines. We will work with your team to ensure your project management system is kept updated so work can be completed effectively.

Monthly performance audits: review, perform minor updates to SOPs and templates to improve productivity. Identify opportunities for new workflows to streamline ongoing activities.

Weekly reporting: Develop reporting to Manage your resourcing and budgeting. Find and eliminate bottlenecks in projects and tasks.

In addition to the above, you will have complete access to all resources, templates, email swipe files we create to simplify agency operations as well as exclusive discounts saving you time & money

Your Investment:

From £1,250/month ongoing

 “When I transitioned from freelancing to having an agency I thought about how I could fill my pipeline with high-quality leads. I brought on contractors to fulfil the work and while growth was there, profit was not. I had the belief that I tried systems but it didn’t work until I worked with Claire. I got very clear on what drove profits & we defined workflows that would work for me. In the month after I started working with Claire, I doubled my profits working half as much.”

Evelyn Weiss , Facebook Ads Agency Owner

That’s it, I’m in!