When it comes to running your business efficiently you need the right tools

We’re software obsessed over here at AIC and while our clients know we can work with any software of your choice, in our own business we have favourites!

On this page we have listed some of our favourite tools we use to run Artificially Intelligent Consulting. 

These are the tools and resources that keep our agency going. We use them so we can provide excellent service while still running a lean ship.


The links you will find below are affiliate links. We are proud affiliates of the systems we use to keep our business running like a well oiled machine.

A poor workman may blame his tools, but when you’re working with great ones like these business just runs better!

Client Onboarding Automation: Dubsado

My absolute favourite system to automate is Client Onboarding. You save hours of time and are able to deliver a great experience to all of your new clients even if you’re out of the office.

I use Dubsado for my onboarding and recommend it to all my clients.

Click the link to start a free for life trial or get 20% off 

Project Management & Delegation: ClickUp

As your business grows and scales project management becomes a must have. Unlike other project management software, ClickUp combines all of your favourite ways of viewing projects with automation & dashboards that allow you to really get a grip on what’s happening in your business.

It’s what I use and I love helping my agency clients set it up too.

Email Automation & CRM: ActiveCampaign

I LOVE all things automation and diving into the data so when it comes to my email service provider it had to. be ActiveCampaign.

These guys really know their stuff and even on the cheaper plans you get access to great segmentation features to help you maximise your audience and conversions.


Contracts & Legal: Solivagant Legal 

Having strong legal contracts in place is essential for business.  That’s why in my business I rely on lawyer drafted professional contracts from someone who truly understands the entrepreneurial space.

Use code: CLAIRE at checkout for 10% off professional templates


Virtual Assistants: Resource WW

Finding a good VA is hard!

My clients and I went through so many before I discovered Sophie and the team at Resource World Wide. They find high quality VAs with a passion for your business. I have since used them to hire for roles across my business and highly recommend.

Funnels & Landing Pages: ClickFunnels

It may not be the most beautiful but in my experience ClickFunnels is the best landing page software out there for creating high converting funnels & passive income.

Click the link below to sign up for their FREE 5 day lead challenge to help you get started with funnels for your business.

We know you’re going to love these tools to help you run your business


However we also know that not everybody loves setting them up as much as we do!

Step back from the day-to-day tasks so you can focus on the parts of the business you love

Increase profitability & productivity by removing bottlenecks to run your business with the maximum efficiency

Delight your clients with streamlined processes and deliver a great customer experience as you scale

On our team we have over a decade of experience at top companies including Amazon and multiple certifications in project management

We will come into your business, build out and implement automated project management systems customised to your needs.


Build a business that works for you and not the other way round.

You Can Have It All

Get the structure in place to support you in your business. With proper systems in place to leverage your time you can feel confident that whatever comes round the corner, you will have the capacity to deal with it. Use automation to give you the space to take advantage of every opportunity.

Live the life you envisioned when you started the business – full of freedom, fun and creativity.