How to Launch Your Next Program or Course Without Getting Overwhelmed


Live launching your program is a great way to bring a significant cash injection into your business – it can also be really fun!
However, a lot of people get put off or overwhelmed when they are looking to launch their next big thing.
With the right systems in place, a bit grace and a good plan you will learn to love launching

In this workbook and mini-course you will learn step by step how to plan for and launch your next program or digital course:

  • Plan your launch goals and decide on a strategy
  • Feel confident you haven’t missed anything with checklists for each activity
  • Create buzz around your launches so they are successful
  • Have everything scheduled ahead of time so come launch week you can focus on your clients!
  • Save time trying to figure everything out for yourself
  • Going step by step makes this all so much easier – includes screenshots and video tutorials