Increasing Conversion In E-Commerce

One of the top Brands was seeing year on year decline in sales.

The Brand and the team were worried that this would cause them to miss their targets. 

Instead of trying to redo everything we decided to strip back the product detail pages removing any ‘fluffy’ language.

This allowed us to instead focus our content on highlighting the product features that answered key customer questions.


This simple approach was an innovative way of thinking for us. It also allowed us to systemise the way in which we created content for the products.

It didn’t take long to see detail page conversion doubled and the business started to grow significantly

Claire and I worked together in the R&D department of a multinational chemical company developing new coatings for the consumer market. Claire was tasked with driving and global innovation project aimed at reducing quality defects during the transport phase. This issue generated unnecessary economic losses and added complexity to the supply chain. 

The project had been attempted before without success but Claire drove it to the end, where the recommendation was adopted by senior managers and implemented with success. 

Eduard, Consultant, Bain & Company

innovation workshops

We were able to develop simple templates that ensured we could repeat the success we had seen across our catalogue. 

This allowed us to focus on other innovative projects to market and grow the brand without feeling overstretched.