Elevate your end to end client experience with a full client management system build-out

Winging it has done you well but now it’s time to set up the systems & structure to really scale!


This complete client management system set-up will help you deliver a premium experience while reclaiming your freedom using automation to save you 20+ hours a week.

You know that in order to continue to grow your business in the way that you want you needed systems like yesterday! 

You’ve had some incredible months but you’re dying inside. 

You worry that your reputation is on the line because things are falling through the cracks and know that to achieve your goals without compromising client experience something has to change – fast!

To scale your business and meet your goals it feels like you have to…

Hustle 24/7

It feels like the only way to get everything done is to hustle. Constantly on the go, chasing down leads to fill your pipeline, working late nights and weekends


Stuck in Feast to Famine

You get new clients in but then you have to shift all your focus to onboarding and delivery. This means your pipeline dries up… Once the project is complete you’re back on the treadmill to find new clients

Dealing with High Overheads & Inefficiences

You build out your team to deal with the growth but you don’t have time to onboard them properly so things don’t work efficiently. Then when it slows down you’re stuck with high overheads.

What if I told you in the next 30 days you could…


  • Step back from the day-to-day tasks so you can focus on the parts of the business you love
  • Delight your clients with streamlined processes and deliver a great customer experience as you scale
  • Increase profitability & productivity by removing bottlenecks to run your business with the maximum efficiency
  • Delegate with the confidence that your team is aligned and empowered to do their best work
  • Sleep like a baby every night knowing everything is taken care of

Get Out of The Chaos & Put The Systems In Place To Start Enjoying What You’ve Built

Create and end to end client experience that scales

Build out and automate your client facing systems from lead capture through to project delivery to give a seamless experience

build plan

We will design and implement:

  • A lead tracking & CRM system to maximise conversions
  • A bespoke client onboarding process to delight clients
  • A fully tailored client project management system to deliver your service the way you want it

We will make the system in your preferred system/tool of choice/software

We’re not going to make you take on a new system you don’t understand, we will work with you in whatever system you and your team are comfortable with.

If you don’t know what tech you want to use then we will work through this together.

And don’t worry – we’ll train your team on the system too!

See what people are saying

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We follow a tried and tested process to ensure we deliver the right workflows for you’re business to support your unique requirements


Here’s what it looks like:

what you get

Go from maxed out business owner to feeling free & scaling CEO in just 30 days!


Here’s what you get:

Kick-Off Session: 3 hour workshop to assess and audit your business. We will then identify priorities to improve operations for the next 30-45 days.

Client Experience Workflow Optimisation: We will build out and optimise your end to end client experience from lead capture, CRM, Onboarding, Project Management & Offboarding processes in your tool of choice.

1-hour Review Calls at each implementation milestone: Review your setup at each key milestone during development to ensure it meets your needs

Internal process development & optimisation: We will review then create or update process documentation to support you and your team standardising your systems for maximum efficiency

Your Investment:


Payment plans available

 “I was going from being very, very overwhelmed, feeling guilty all the time, because I didn’t have enough time for my son… So after this first month of working with Claire, I doubled my profits from this new business. And I was working less.”

Evelyn; Facebook Ads Agency Owner and Coach

“I got SOPs in place making it easier to delegate to my team & get things off my plate”

“I cut my onboarding time from 6 hours to 10 minutes”

“I got everything out of my head, freeing me up to be creative”


What kind of results can I expect?

Results will vary by client. However, in the past, my clients have been able to:

  • double profits in a month
  • save up to 274 hours running the business
  • reduce their work hours to 20 per week
  • build out their team and delegate with confidence.
What is the process & next steps?

We take on 2-3 clients per month with this service. If you are interested you need to book in a discovery call and then complete a short questionnaire to determine if it’s a good fit.

What’s the time commitment?

You will need about 7 hours to complete the consultation, follow up sessions during implementation and training. 

What kinds of businesses do you support?

We have worked with agencies, coaches and product based E-Comm businesses that:

  • are looking to manage or already have remote teams


  • need effective, time-saving systems that keep everyone aligned.

What do you need?

The most important thing you need to do is complete the onboarding questionnaire. In this, you will be asked to share details about your business, any current systems, software or processes you are following and finally what you want to achieve. Once this is done, all you need to do is come to your workshop ready to dive in.

What if I don’t want to have a [insert thing here]?

You may have heard you need to have a specific offer suite/online course/membership etc to scale your business. This isn’t the case. Through the DRIVE process we will work together to define the right plan to scale for your business that aligns to the work you love to do, your clients needs AND your values.

That’s it, I’m in!