ai and business

How to get more done in less time

When we are looking to grow our business, we implement many strategies and systems to find new ways to reach out to clients and potential clients. These new tools help us with many tasks but […]

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Niching into why

How to keep a consistent customer experience as you scale your business

When your business starts to grow and scale there are many things that start to change, but how to keep consistent with what you offer to your clients during this process? In today’s episode, Claire […]

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2020 Trends Innovation

How to investigate and validate new business opportunities like a scientist

Not only in the current times but always is a good moment to find new revenue streams.  This could be scary sometimes, so on today’s episode, Claire will use her scientific background to help you […]

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when you know you have great systems

How to audit your systems for success in a digital business

During the last years businesses were increasing their presence in the digital space, but now because of COVID-19 more are more businesses are facing the need to step into this space. In today’s episode, Claire […]

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Stories that shaped my career

How to use your systems to build resilience in your business

We already know what happened with all those new decade 2020 plans we had. But that doesn’t mean we should give up. How can go back to the roots and start growing again better and […]

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Workshop at UX Live

How to Let Your Customers Drive Innovation in Your Business

Innovation ideas come from many places, and one of them is your customers! On today’s episode, Claire will share examples of how clients led companies to innovate and ideas on how to collect and analyse […]

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Niching into why

How to Niche into Your Why

Niching is important if you want to have a successful business. But if you are not sure about your niche, or if you feel like you can still niche down your business a bit more, […]

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podcast recording

Everything You Need to Know About Video Content Marketing

On today’s episode, Mike is going to be sharing his insights on content marketing and video strategy (something every business should be embracing). Claire and Mike talk about pivoting your business to accommodate market needs […]

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removing blockers

Removing Blockers to Innovation

Don’t you feel like it’s the moment of innovation but when it comes to take action we keep telling ourselves things like, I don’t have the time, or I don’t have ideas? On today’s episode, […]

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pivoting in business

The Game-Changing Power of a Pivot

Sometimes we feel like we need a change in our life but most of the times we don’t realize it could be pivoting our business. Or even sometimes we are afraid of making a change […]

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