Delegation SOPs Training

How to leverage chat bots to grow your small business

There is a point where we realize that many of the tasks we do daily are similar and repetitive, and would like to have an assistant to help us do this. Thanks to technology and […]

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Workshop at UX Live

How to Let Your Customers Drive Innovation in Your Business

Innovation ideas come from many places, and one of them is your customers! On today’s episode, Claire will share examples of how clients led companies to innovate and ideas on how to collect and analyse […]

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letting go

Letting Go So Innovation Can Thrive

We start a business with an idea in mind, a goal of making something easier for somebody else, and a way to grow professionally and personally. Then, sometimes our technologies are used in ways we […]

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removing blockers

Removing Blockers to Innovation

Don’t you feel like it’s the moment of innovation but when it comes to take action we keep telling ourselves things like, I don’t have the time, or I don’t have ideas? On today’s episode, […]

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digital corporate governance

How To Manage Corporate Governance and Innovation in the Digital Age with Tony Fish

How business and innovating were some years ago, how did that change in the digital era, and how we are now having a glimpse of a new change coming? In today’s episode Claire is talking […]

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Stories that shaped my career

5 Powerful Learnings to Shape Innovation in Business

Welcome to the first episode of the Innovation in Business podcast, with your host Claire Whittaker. In this episode, Claire will share five personal stories which learnings helped her shape the way she thinks about […]

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2020 Trends Innovation

5 Exciting Innovation Trends for 2020

On today’s episode, Claire will share five of the trends she is excited about in 2020. Trends from sustainability to connectivity and beyond, where innovation has big opportunities! Listen to find out: Some ways you […]

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