Process Development And Automation Project

When trying to scale a new innovation you inevitably run into teething issues.

The new innovation can have a lot of moving parts making it difficult to track what is happening and how the product is performing.

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Like of clarity on the product was causing leadership to feel concerned about how the cost invested in developing the product would deliver the ROI it had promised. In addition to this, the team were feeling frustrated about the lack of visibility of what was happening causing them to be at risk of burnout.


Instead of trying to scale the product faster initially, decided to come in and look at the process that could be used to reduce the amount of time to implement each part.

Speaking to each person involved in the product we were able to understand what was required and where the gaps were.

Taking this we were able to develop a process that with simple triggers that could be owned by each person in the team. Simplifying the steps down, automating where possible, gave greater visibility of what was happening.

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Claire brought insight, creativity and customer obsession to the team.  Her ideas/concepts were always grounded in thoroughly tested logic, and she was dedicated to feature delivery.  She balanced this incredibly well with her ability to be creative and consider the next opportunity to go after – and provide a well-needed challenge to the team!   

Sophie. Senior Manager, Amazon

Reconnecting to your why

Sharing the process with the team gave everyone greater ownership over what was happening. The time required to implement the different stages was significantly reduced reducing the burden on the team.

Furthermore, we were able to track progress against deliverables much more easily to ensure success.

After implementing the new process, life became a lot calmer. Instead of worrying about the pipeline we were able to focus on growing the product and innovating to delight our customers.