Using Digital Systems To Support Designers

We wanted to grow our offering in fashion. We knew that there was an opportunity here but designers were not engaging with us. 

On further investigation, we realised there were several barriers to entry that meant the new designers couldn’t get their products made.

setting 2020 Goals

We felt like we were stuck as we couldn’t think of how we would solve these problems without having to invest significantly in new technology.

This investment was something we knew we wouldn’t get signed off.


When developing a solution, instead of trying to start from scratch we went back to the designers to understand the specific features they needed.

Once we had this we were able to dive deeper into the process that could be used to support them realising that similar technology already existed elsewhere in the business.

Instead of building something from scratch we could repurpose existing products to innovate in a new space.

When we undertook the first review of features with EU leadership, our discussion did not focus on whether the features were the right one, they focussed on how we should improve the way the programme prioritised as a team.  This to me showed straight away leadership were bought into the fact the features were the right one!

Once the programme was running, Claire took full autonomy to drive on-going delivery.  She’d earnt my trust so I was very comfortable with this on-going approach.

Sophie. Senior Manager, Amazon

We knew it was working when we got engagement from new designers who were now excited to come onboard.

They felt like we actually understood their problems and wanted to help.

We are excited to innovate in this space and work with designers more closely.

We were proud of being able to support new talent to gain visibility and grow.