Building A CX Innovation Roadmap

We were in a place where we had the opportunity to significantly grow an underperforming area of the business but the customer experience wasn’t there.

We had a lot of different options but did not know where to start.


The problem was overwhelming. We knew that our customers were not happy with the service we provided them but we didn’t know where to start. 

It was frustrating to see our competitors grow and innovate while we were stuck.

A lot of people had opinions on where we should start but there was no clear plan. Instead of doing the same thing as always, we started by talking to customers about their biggest frustrations.

Once these were understood, we scoped out all the existing products that could be leveraged to solve these problems.

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We built out the product innovation roadmap to tackle core customer frustrations and aligned this with the stakeholders.

A new programme was being established, providing greenfield opportunity to scope CX enhancements which we wanted for our European Sites. Claire took the lead to research, identify, size, prioritise and socialise her proposals across European senior leadership and ultimately created the CX roadmap for the programme.  She then went on to drive the delivery of multiple features for the team.

Sophie, Senior Manager, Amazon

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We prioritised the roadmap by the lowest hanging fruit with the biggest impact that could be implemented quickly .

Once we got started we realised it was working when we saw an increase in conversion.

By leveraging things that were already available in the business instead of reinventing the wheel we were able to get things done quickly. 

Having a clear roadmap allowed us to focus in on solving customer pain points. 

It felt good to see the improvements onsite and help customers find what they were looking for more easily.