Preparing a Traditional Business For Digital

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The world today is increasingly moving to become more digital and personalised.

This presented several challenges for more traditional industries. Many of the products and processes are not designed to support the new ways of shopping.

Workshop at UX Live

The big fear that you will be left behind is very real.

Instead of looking to develop something entirely new we spoke to customers to understand what features of a product they were most interested in. 


Knowing this we were able to take the existing product catalogue and map this against the features customers identified. 

Having this map we realised we already had the majority of products available in our range to offer each of the personalised options.

Realising we didn't have to start from scratch saved time and cut development costs

‘I now know how I can focus my efforts with machine learning. I have learned how important it is to keep it simple and I love the framework. I can’t wait to apply it to my projects’

Anthony,  Software Engineer

setting 2020 Goals

We realised this meant we didn’t have to develop new products, which would be very costly research. 

Instead, we could innovate in the way we manufactured the product to do smaller-scale personalised products. 

When we shared this with our digital marketing team they were delighted!

Once we had this roadmap in place we were able to move forward with designers to develop our personalised, digital offering. 

It was exciting to be able to deliver for customers in this way when we hadn’t thought it possible.