Dealing With Increased Customer Complaints

A large chemical coatings company was seeing an increase in Customer complaints due to product quality issues but couldn’t identify the root cause. Was it the packaging or the product?

The different teams within research were divided which was causing frustration internally. On top of that marketing was increasingly concerned that there was no solution that could be communicated to angry customers.

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Coming into the project as a new person I did not have a perspective or side to take. 

Hearing both sides from the research teams and speaking directly to customers allowed the team to build up a clearer picture of the issue. 

Speaking to customers to understand the root cause of their frustration shed a different light on the problem that needed to be solved. Then we mapped the process from beginning to end to understand exactly what was happening.

Ultimately coming to the conclusion it was not product or packaging - it was both!


Understanding the specific customer pain points it was causing allowed development of a product innovation roadmap that could tackle the challenges. Simplifying the issue down to the root cause allowed us to innovate in both product and packaging to solve the problem in a more cost optimised manner.

After the solution was implemented Customer complaints decreased and brand perception improved as we had solved an issue. 


Furthermore, by developing solutions targeted to the customer frustrations we saved money on implementing an expensive broad solution that would have been overcompensating.

Claire took a very pragmatic and structured approach to solve the problem. From organizing tasks with an agile mindset to creating a stakeholder management structure that was very effective at keeping all the relevant parties up to speed without drowning in information. This is particularly critical in a technical field, where the amount of technical details is high. 

Eduard. Consultant, Bain & Company